PureGold™: our core active ingredient

TetraLabs is the culmination of a multi-year project to explore methods of producing ultra-pure cannabinoids by recycling cannabis plant materials that were unsalable by growers. We demonstrated feasibility three years ago, but could not produce sufficient quantities for patients beyond the trial groups1. We then spent several more years refining our process, learning how to make sufficient quantities and establishing a collective to enable more patients to benefit.

Cannabis plant material contains cannabinoids, as well as 450–600 other compounds — most of which do not contribute to desired medical effects. Plant material is also rife with potential toxins and pathogens such as insecticides and fungicides, molds, spores, bacteria and viruses, not to mention insects, parasites and their eggs. TetraLabs isolates the cannabinoids and leaves all these problems behind.

To accomplish this, farmers grow cannabis and provide essential oils — commonly known as “hash oil” — which they extract from their cannabis. TetraLabs refines these essential oils until the final product consists of 95% pure cannabinoids.

Our purification process uses only natural methods to selectively remove the unwanted components from the essential oils. We call the resulting purified cannabinoids PureGold. Nothing is added. Pure Gold contains only compounds originally present in cannabis plants. The non-cannabinoid 5% of Pure Gold consists of cannabis compounds known to be harmless and, in some cases, beneficial.

We add three food-grade components to make the final products. Grape seed oil and alcohol serve as buffers in our orally ingestible softgels and sublingual spray. We add a touch of limonene, a naturally occurring terpene in cannabis, to the pure cannabinoids in smokable PureGold.

We welcome you to review a more detailed look at PureGold technology.
1We thank Valerie Corral and the members of WAMM for assisting us with tests and dosage trials. Their support, feedback and advice have been invaluable.